Implementing Sexuality Education for Teens (I’MSET) is an 18-month bilateral cooperation between Cyprus and Norway which also involves an outstanding collaboration between civil society organizations and educational authorities in Cyprus. The project is coordinated by Cyprus Family Planning Association (CFPA), the leading Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in Cyprus and has been developed and is implemented with the active participation and involvement as partners, the Commissioner for Children’s Rights (CCR), the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus (PI), the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS), and Sex og Politikk (SoP) – the Norwegian Association for the promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

The project’s aim is to promote the sexual rights of children ages 12 – 15 through the implementation of mandatory human rights based Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in middle schools in Cyprus.

Beneficiaries of this project are both teachers, who will become equipped to teach CSE in class, and teens, who will be able to develop their skills and acquire knowledge around sexual health and rights.

During the project a series of activities will be carried out with the active involvement of all partners. Initially, a situation analysis will be conducted by reviewing data in Cyprus on young people and Sexual Health and Rights (SHR), and the analytic curriculum for Health Education developed by the Ministry of Education and Culture (2010) and challenges of implementation.

Consequently, a literature review on sexuality education methods and materials in Europe will be conducted in order to gather relevant tools and empirical information. In addition, assessment of the needs of middle school students for sexuality education and middle school teachers for teaching sexuality education will take place through focus group discussions.

Subsequently, a teachers’ Manual for delivering Comprehensive Sexuality Education (MCSE), including teaching and classroom material, will be created according to the data gathered on the Cyprus situation and needs of students and teachers, guided by empirical evidence on CSE in Europe and shared best practices in Norway. Once the MCSE has been drafted, a Teacher Training Program (TTP) will be developed in which a group of teachers will be trained on using the MCSE and will pilot it with a group of middle school students. Finally, the MSCE will be distributed to all middle schools in Cyprus and of the results of the project will be disseminated to the public, educators and other interested stakeholders, through mass media, social networks and the web site in order to create awareness on the importance of sexual rights for teens.

Our Partners

  • Sex og Politikk(SoP)

    Sex og Politikk is the Norwegian Association for the promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights(SRHR). SoP is a member of International Planned Parenthood Federation(IPPF) …

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  • Pedagogical Institute(PI)


    The Pedagogical Institute’s mission is to cater for the continuous training of teachers at all levels so  as to  assist them in their efforts for professional/personal development …

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  • Commissioner for Children’s Rights(CCR)


    The Commissioner for Children’s Rights is an independent institution appointed by the Council of Ministers,  which deals exclusively with the rights of the child and whose competences and obligations are prescribed by law …

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  • Cyprus Family Planning Association(CFPA)


    Cyprus Family Planning Association is the leading non profit, non governmental, voluntary organization on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights(SRHR) in Cyprus, envisioning a society…

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  • Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies(MIGS)


    Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies is a non –profit organization which promotes and contributes to projects of social, political and economic themes relating to gender, especially in the Mediterranean region …

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