The project involves the collaboration between civil society, government and the independent authority for the protection of children’s rights, towards the aim of promoting sexual rights (SR) of children aged 12 to 15 in Cyprus, particularly the right to information and education. Beneficiaries of this project are both teachers, who will become equipped to teach CSE in class, and teens, who will be able to develop their skills and acquire knowledge around sexual health and rights.

The project’s general objectives are the following:

  • To promote the sexual rights of children (aged 12 to 15) in school education
  • To enhance the effectiveness of teachers to deliver human rights based Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)
  • To strengthen access of children to human rights based CSE in school education
  • To empower children by helping them gain an understanding of their sexual rights and become actively engaged in fulfilling their sexual rights
  • To create awareness on the importance of sexual rights for children/young people amongst key stakeholders and the general public
  • To enhance the alliance of civil society and government to promote SR through school education.